Questions and answers

Questions and answers

1. What does “stickers cut out on the outline” mean?

Stickers that are cut out along the outline of the sticker shape, with no white margin around the pattern.

2. Do you make changes in the products at the customer’s request?

We can personalize the sticker according to your needs. Determine the color, change the layout, mirror the graphic, and adjust the size to a small extent. We can make the sticker fit your children’s room perfectly. If you are not sure if your idea or modification will look good, please write to We would be happy to advise you.

3. Can a sticker be applied repeatedly?

There is some small room for adjustment here in the beginning. Then, the adhesive starts to bind to the wall. Our glue is quite strong, chosen so that the sticker sticks to the wall for a long time and the edges do not peel off.

4. Do you have a product storage?

We do not store our products; each product is made to order. After we print the order, it is immediately packed and sent to the customer.

5. On which type of surface can you stick the products?

The wall should be smooth. You can also stick the stickers on furniture, mirrors, cars, etc. The wall should not be porous; this may cause the sticker to peel off at the edges.

6. How should the wall be prepared?

You have to wait at least 2 weeks if you want to stick a sticker on a freshly painted wall.

Foil manufacturers do not recommend sticking stickers on walls painted with latex paint; it may happen (though not necessarily) that the sticker will peel off at the edges in such case. For wallpapers, the wall should be prepared according to general good practice, including but not limited to: the wall should be smooth, degreased, free of contamination, paint or old wallpaper residues and should be primed, cannot be glued to a porous surface (e.g. structural plaster).

7. Is the specified price the price for a roll of wallpaper?

No. We do not sell wallpaper per rolls. Each wallpaper is developed by our specialist and adapted to your room.

Hence, precise measurements of the place of wallpaper application are required. The price is per m2.

If the wall is 2.5 m high and 3 m wide (2.5 x 3), then you need to buy 8 m2, making it 8 pieces of the posted product.

If the wall is 2 m high and 2.1 m wide (2 x 2.1), then you need to buy 5 m2, or 5 pieces. In other words, you should round up the result of the multiplication.

8. When buying e.g. 9 pieces of wallpaper, will it come in pieces and will the pattern repeat itself, or what?

The pattern will be fully adjusted to the size of the wall provided by the customer. It will not repeat.

We can adjust the pattern to each wall and move the elements so that they are not obstructed by e.g. furniture. Strips / blocks of the supplied wallpaper will be max. 100 cm wide with 1 cm overlap on each side.

9. Can I apply stickers and wallpapers to the wall immediately after their delivery?

Our products are delivered rolled up. We recommend that you stretch the products on a flat surface and wait:

for stickers: 2-3 h, for wallpaper 24 h.

10. Can I store your products in a rolled-up form (delivery condition)?

We recommend that the storage time in this form should be as short as possible and should not exceed a few days.

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