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Family-owned manufactory from the south of Poland

We are a family-owned manufactory specializing in the production and design of extraordinary wallpapers and wall decorations, which has been constantly expanding its offer with new products since its first steps in the market. Our philosophy is based on the idea that our decorations should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also made of the highest quality materials.

Zero Waste

In the spirit of sustainability, we consistently work towards zero waste. We choose packaging materials with the environment in mind, with an emphasis on reducing the use of plastic. Where possible, we reach for paper, minimizing the ecological footprint of our operations. In cases where plastic is unavoidable, we use recycled materials.

photo eudajmonia
Bestseller from Eudaimonia

Our undisputed bestseller is the SAFARI wallpaper, launched in 2019. It's a groundbreaking product that instantly won the approval of customers, exceeding our wildest expectations. SAFARI's success has reaffirmed our conviction that we are heading in the right direction, while providing motivation for further efforts. SAFARI has become an iconic wallpaper for children, revolutionizing the market with its originality and quality workmanship.

In 2021, we expanded our family-owned print shop, creating a full-service studio. New products momentarily gained bestseller status, inspiring us to continue experimenting with new designs. Our range is growing rapidly, maintaining a balance between quantity and quality. We are constantly in touch with market expectations, making sure that our decorations are not only fashionable, but also durable and to the highest standards.


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Good manufacturing practice

The key to achieving excellent quality in our products is the ability to control the many factors that affect the final result. This allows both you and us to be sure that our products are aesthetically pleasing, of high quality and, in addition, safe. The entire process - from raw materials to shipping to you - is subject to detailed supervision. We also have a clear plan of action in case of any problems.

We are an independent brand!

We are proud to present Eudaimonia as an independent brand, operating without the support of large corporations. From the very beginning, we have been committed to creating unique products, which sets us apart from the mass brands available on the market. The characteristics of independent brands, such as an ethical approach, a limited scale of production for better control, a conscious community, and a unique design and emphasis on quality, are a priority for us.

photo eudajmonia
Eudaimonia from the beginning?

None of this would have happened if Maria and Dariusz Gorstka hadn't decided one day that designing patterns for children was a fascinating business. It's perfect for people who have always appreciated creating something with their own hands and have a passion for simple, beautiful things that please both the eye and the soul. Our story began with the creation of children's stickers, which we used ourselves in the rooms of our little ones. Gradually, we expanded our homemade manufactory with new designs, packaging the products with young children in tow and printing locally in a small print shop. As interest in the brand began to grow, a family with its own printing shop joined us in 2019.

What about the name - where does Eudaimonia come from?

In the most general sense, Eudaimonia is a state of complete contentment and satisfaction with one's life, in other words, a fulfilled life. For Plato and Socrates, eudaimonia was a state of perfection in life. These beautiful words perfectly capture our philosophy and fit perfectly with what we do.

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